Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Trois Mailletz/authenticity

Tues. 27th Dec

I took Patricia to the Trois Mailletz on Tues., Kathy couldn't make it. It was fairly empty but that meant less noise and a choice of tables - on the left, just inside the door - good view of the pianist/singer and less smoke.

I was developing my talk for Patricia's soiree in my head; it's was to be about authenticity - after all this is the Paris of Sartre and Camus.

But there will be a media angle, relating it to Ansari's talk of the week before; it will be about authentically documenting life (objectivity, NOT balance, etc.) and living a life worth documenting, i.e. living authentically. The latter involves taking a certain amount of risk and leaving oneself open to experience, like coming to Paris at Xmas. The hostess was quite entertained by some of my stories about what's happened to me on my various trips abroad, so I thought I'd build them into it, rather than making it too academic.

It will also involve the value and danger of habituation; we can adapt to almost anything, people had good and bad days even in concentration camps. But we do tend to stick with old habits (sensible from a survival point of view, if they've worked they probably will go on working). I remember reading that after about 30, MOST people don't try new things.


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