Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dancing on ice at the Winter Olympics

Scottish music again

Last night the theme of Scottish music (see Julie Fowlis post) returned with brother and sister Sinead and John Kerr of Scotland. They were representing Britain in the ice skating dance at the Winter Olympics (of course if they did badly they would be "the Scottish pair").

They did an excellent set of three dances based on traditional Scottish music- just to make it clear that being the British pair does not mean they are English !

I had been impressed by the standard reached by some of the celebs in the TV show, Dancing on Ice (which was getting over 10 million viewers each week - and is a world away from such crap as Celeb Big Brother); but the Olympics contenders showed what incredible levels could be achieved. The Scottish siblings' first lift had Sinead doing a handstand on John's knees ! Here's another one, from another show:

Apparently they have won the British championship twice - but this beautiful sport doesn't get much TV coverage. Instead we get massive overkill of football and hours of soporific snooker and dire darts. They were ranked 11th in the world and hoped to get in the top ten. They just made it, coming 10th, in their first Olympics bid. Look out fro them in Vancouver in 2010. Let's hope we see more of them on TV between then and now.

Improbably perfect Russians

It was won - no surprise - by the Russian couple, Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov, who added the gold medal to two world championships, and this was the third Russian gold so far. They looked almost too perfect, like the replicants, Pris and Roy, in Blade Runner:


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