Friday, February 10, 2006

Health/listing what one likes

Visit to the doctor yesterday; the female Asian doctor was very pleased that my blood pressure is down to 82/120 ! - my blood test - all fine; maybe cut down even more on fat, but nothing significant. I've even lost a few pounds - must have been all that walking in Paris (see post on exercise/death/bistros).

"Borrowed" a S. Times magazine from the waiting room; well it was an old one, I'd started reading it, and I'm glad I still get so interested in a range of things, health-related in this case:

"Optimism is a wonderful quality, but not one I naturally possess. The youngest of our three children, George is my benchmark in this. He's 11, and has this fantastic positivity... My take tends to be, "Well this is probably not going to work out, but I'll give it a go anyway." How I admire those who start from a different vantage point...

In recent months I've lost two very close friends, and just two months apart from each other, one of them 50 and the other 51. By anybody's count, they were way too young to die ... I've always operated on the belief that you get just one shot on this earth, never consciously wasting time and always trying to make the most of the moment. Their passing reinforced my belief in that strategy ..."

"Trevor Eve, 54, actor" Times magazine, 8.10.2005

In the same issue, Robert Crampton says that he and some friends were on a train and complaining about some aspects of their weekend:

"... around about Kettering, someone suggested that instead of all this bitching, it would make us better people if we compiled a list of what we did like."

He ends up, after a long list, by saying: "I really like doing this, even though it is often, I assure you, harder than it may sometimes look."

Give it a try. Here are some of mine, in no particular order:

Sitting on a sunny beach having a good meal and listening to the sea (see photo at top of this blog), Noam Chomsky, talking to attractive, intelligent women (we're talking about mere likes here), feeling just drunk enough to chat to anyone while still being able to do so intelligently, maps and Google's Earth, new, weird ideas in science, driving on empty roads on a sunny day (ie. probably somewhere in France), taking photos in a new place and feeling very alert, being complimented (for anything), laughing, QI, seeing people I dislike getting their comeuppance, i.e. schadenfreude (cf. post on Rawsthorn kicked out of the Design Museum), winning arguments (we're not talking about what we're PROUD of), learning new things, feeling fit (there is time, I hope), the internet (so much that it works against fitness - cf TV), creating anything (must get away from TV more), finding and making connections, intellectual and social ...


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