Friday, February 10, 2006

Labour loss - more schadenfreude

It's sad that I should feel happy about the Labour loss in Dunfermline; I welcome it because it damages Blair. Yet a few moments ago on the radio the arrogant twit was talking about pressing on with what he wants to do regardless, e.g. new terrorism laws, including "glorifying terrorism". What price free speech - who are terrorists? ANC ? Sandinistas ? The Stern gang ? This law would probably apply to Chomsky, should he give more talks here. Blair's education "reforms" allow further privatization of schools (BT and Bill Gates might get in on the act) - and already allow the teaching of creationism/"intelligent design" - not that this worries Christian Blair.

'BT and Microsoft join businesses hoping to run Blair's trust schools'

By Richard Garner and Ben Russell, Published: 10 February 2006

'What do Microsoft, EMI, King's College and the Catholic Education Service have in common? They have all expressed their interest in government plans for a network of independently run "trust" schools.
'Last night, Dr John Dunford, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders which represents school heads called on ministers to draw up a code of conduct for school business partners.

He also called for a "blacklist" of inappropriate firms. "You wouldn't want a tobacco company to become a partner in running a school or companies that promoted unhealthy eating," he said. "Also, you would not want some very, very narrowly based religious sect [does this mean that a merely very narrowly based religious sect would be OK?].

"The lunatics must not be put in charge of the asylum".'



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