Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Browsing through TV channels tonight brought two lucky finds, one depressing, the other inspiring.

ITV4 was showing "Outfoxed"; an excellent critique, but what it showed was very depressing, especially as Fox news is still pouring out its garbage and many Americans are still watching it and believe its absurd claim: "Professional journalism - fair and balanced". As the film showed this claim is laughable - but some argue like this (from last summer):

"Of course Fox News is biased just as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and every other news outlet. Most are biased to the liberal side, so what is wrong with Fox News being biased to the Conservative side?"
Posted by: Tom on August 29, 2005

Some others put him right, e.g.:

"Tom, you don't understand, because you're caught in the spin-machine.
CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS have a right-wing slant when compared to any reliable news source.
Faux News is ultra-right wing propaganda. There's no other word for it.

But CNN looks suspiciously like Faux-Lite when watched in other parts of the world.

But really, that's the purpose of Faux, and the trick that's been used to slant the US into its current rush towards corporatism.
The 'balance' is between far-right wing and ultra right-wing. And you're see-sawing on the edge of a cliff."
Posted by: Kat on August 29, 2005

Newshounds/McCarthyism resurrected

At least there is now the Newshounds site: "We watch Fox so you don't have to". This shows that the Fox gang are still at it. One sickening item is about ex-marxist now neo-con David Horowitz (pal of that other turncoat, C. Hitchens) who is trying to bring back the McCarthy era ("Goodnight and Good Luck" came to cinemas here Feb 14th! hooray!) to the universities:

"February 14, 2006
Hannity & Colmes Launches New Witch Hunt Against University Professors
FOX News has a new weapon in its crusade to divide and polarize America during a time of war: a new book by admitted traitor [ ], David Horowitz, about the 101 most dangerous university professors in America. Hannity & Colmes not only showcased this latest hate-manifesto from the non-student who formed “Students for Academic Freedom,” the show will crucify a different professor from the book each night this week. And it’s not even published by a News Corp subsidiary."

"...Horowitz told Colmes it didn’t matter if the professors were liberal or conservative, the important thing was not to be “indoctrinating students” in the classrooms. But I’ll bet that every target on H&C this week, if not every professor named in the book, just happens to be liberal."


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