Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Barcelona to boot out boozers

I went to Barcelona twice in the late 1980s and didn't see a single Brit stag or hen party; sadly things have gone downhill since then:

"Last summer British, German and Dutch tourists invaded Catalonia, outraging the locals with their all-night partying, promiscuity and uncontrolled vomiting in Gothic passageways and Art Nouveau doorsteps. Residents complained they couldn't sleep for the noise and that their streets were filthy with rubbish and bodily fluids."

How disgusting our northern hordes are and it seems that Spanish youth have begun to emulate them, leading to riots in Barcelona Spanish mass binge. Fortunately the Catalonians have had enough:

"... the authorities have banned street-vendors, skateboarders, jugglers, bongo-drummers, DVD sellers, windscreen-cleaners, beggars, graffiti artists, clients soliciting prostitutes in the street, and anyone drinking in public squares, or dressed indecorously, or urinating (or satisfying other "physiological needs") in public."

Good for them, let's hope that they have more luck than many of our cities, and that this sort of crackdown spreads to more of Europe.

Grumpy old man? No, I'm all for a good party and the Spaniards know how to do that without making a disgusting spectacle of themselves, and I hope to join them again at the Seville feria.

Independent, 28.3.2006


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