Thursday, March 30, 2006

CPE - Villepin losing

Opposition to CPE grows

"A new survey by pollsters CSA shows that 83% of the French are now opposed to keeping the CPE. 42% of those questioned said they wished “the suspension” of the CPE with “time to find a solution”, 41% supported its withdrawal, just 12% backed Villepins wish to keep it as it is and some 5% could not decide.

Most polls to date have not included the option of suspension, so it not easy to compare these results with previous polls. However, a survey by pollsters LH2 for Liberation, taken from the 17 to March 18, had showed 38% favorable to a modification of the CPE and 35% for an abandonment - to reach a total of 73% of hostile opinions to a maintenance of the CPE in the state. Therefore todays poll can be taken to show that opposition is growing amongst the French.
Other results from the poll show confidence in Dominique de Villepin is falling.

58% consider him too authoritative, compared to 46% previously
41% think him qualified, compared to 52% previously
77% think that he is not listening sufficiently to the French, up 5 points"

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