Saturday, March 25, 2006

Kermode gets his comeuppance

Ah, the pleasure of schadenfreude. It was SO satisfying to see Mark Kermode have to listen to Spike Lee saying how much he admired Michael Moore's F 9/11. Kermode has attacked Moore and F 9/11 at every opportunity in the Guardian and Observer, e.g.:,4120,1249156,00.html

For a fairer account of Moore's problem with Disney, which Kermode refers to, see:,13918,1218376,00.html

The Observer's main critic, Philip French, also disagrees with Kermode's pathetic vendetta:

"Few recent Palme d'Or winners have had much impact in the States. But Fahrenheit 9/11 became front-page news when rumours circulated that the Disney organisation, fearful of presidential wrath, planned to suppress it until after the election last November. When released, it rapidly made more than $100 million to become the most successful documentary ever made. Not only that, it managed to get up the nostrils of the American right to such an extent that several anti-Moore documentaries, none of artistic quality or popular appeal, were rushed out with such witty titles as Michael Moore Hates America.",6903,1379754,00.html

Unfortunately for Kermode, he clearly respects Spike Lee, so he cravenly kept quiet on-camera about his true feelings about Moore. When Lee said that he was surprised when, despite, this powerful documentary, Bush "won", Kermode stupidly tried to suggest that this showed that political films have no significant effect, but again kept quiet when Lee pointed out that it's hard to tell what effect a single film is having. Obviously Bush might have got many more votes had it not been been for F 9/11. Let's hope this causes quiff-boy to revise his bigoted views, but I doubt it.


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