Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mothers - the dark side

Now that mothers' day is over - the dark side, e.g. apparently Sharon Osbourne was so estranged from her mother that she didn't even go to her funeral. One advantage of the Independent's use of celebs (while the Guardian invited tributes to mothers from readers, meaning that they were all positive), was that we got a somewhat more balanced picture, e.g. Janet Street-Porter had a very bad relationship with her mother and hates becoming more like her:

"Reflecting on her upbringing, she reveals “I went a long time thinking my parents had picked the wrong baby and I couldn’t be related to them.”
From Janet's first happy memories as a young girl in Fulham, to the darker period when she was a teenager, she begins to face up to the unresolved anger that she still has towards her mother."

Then, as Jamie Oliver revealed, there are the kind of mothers who never worried about the junk their kids were eating at school because they fed them the same sort of thing at home; some of them have been on BBC TV's "Honey We're Killing the Kids", e.g.:

"...The family think nothing of spending 150 hours in front of the TV each week. And there are plenty of screens to choose from. They have seven TVs and three computers. The children are couch potatoes, watching hours of TV in their bedrooms and rarely leaving the house to get any exercise. They often go to bed after their parents, which leaves them seriously short of sleep and inattentive at school the next day.

All three children are suffering emotionally from their sedentary lifestyle and Kris worries they’ll grow up lacking in confidence and social skills. Michelle and Michael’s smoking means their children are three times more likely to take up the habit themselves and are at an increased risk of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Seeing what their children will look like at 40 is a shock for Michelle and Michael. Both girls are already medically overweight thanks to their unhealthy diet of fast food takeaways, fizzy drinks and sweets..."

That's the slow way to kill kids, cf.:

Pair jailed over sons' fire deaths

'The parents of two children who died of horrific injuries in a fire while they enjoyed a romantic evening downstairs have been jailed for child cruelty.

Lindsey Miller, 33, and her 29-year-old husband Scott were jailed for two years and 12 months respectively when they appeared at Northampton Crown Court.

Their sons, Nathan and 18-month-old Jeremy, suffered 80% burns in the blaze in the bedroom of their Northampton council house in June 2004. Boisterous Nathan, aged two and a half, is thought to have started the fire at the family home which killed him and his brother.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Richard Bray said they had been "selfish" in locking the boys in their bedroom.

He rejected their claims that their low intelligence was a factor in the boys' deaths, saying they had encouraged or condoned Nathan in playing with matches, showing him off to friends as a "party trick".'

Birmingham Mail

You need a license to drive a car, but anyone can have kids.


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