Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mums and dads

Some nice tributes to mums in the Independent today. Piers Morgan is funny, and lucky to have her still around, still giving unconditional support and a positive, glass half-full attitude:

"My mother is the kind of person who, if I told her I had just committed ten murders, would seek some sort of positive from the news along the lines of: 'Well at least it wasn't 11, darling.'"

Cf. Julian Clary's mum:

"I think it's a shame that everyone doesn't have a mother like mine. Discussing the horrors of an outbreak of bird flu with her recently, I related an account of the 1918 epidemic. 'Apparently you could be right as rain at breakfast and dead by tea-time,' I said. 'At least you can have a nice lunch,' was her reply. Learn to live in the moment."

I was thinking that dads didn't get so much attention, then a weird coincidence; on TV in the other room was Loudon Wainwright, who I had confused with who I now realise is his son, Rufus, of the weird voice. I went in to listen and - what a coincidence - he was singing about being a dad ! (one who'd left wife and kids):

"Being a dad can make you sad, they can break your heart, they just want their mother." !

I can't remember hearing another song about that, and it comes as I'm thinking about the issue. I know rationally that a certain percentage of coincidences must occur, but still ... it is weird. Also what a welcome change from the usual, monotonous, ubiquitous, teen love songs.

In fact this morning I bought "Dadland", a very funny book about being a dad for an ex-student who's just become a father. In it Spike Milligan is quoted talking about his father, who sounds like him:

"He said to me: 'I've never killed a tiger.' I said: 'Why are you telling me?' He said: 'Who else am I going to tell?'"


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