Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mums - should rule

The Guardian goes one better than the Independent and, instead of using minor celebs, it invited readers to send in photos and tributes. Again the altruism of mums came out strongly:

"She's completely selfless, making everyone's life easier and asking nothing for herself."

"She's always laughing! Even though I'm in my 30s Mum still worries about me like she did when I was little, and she is so generous with her time and her love. I would be truly lost without her."

"I am in awe of how selfless she is. I draw all my strength and confidence from her because I know she totally loves me just the way I am."

We should hand power over to mums - not to the few who ape the worst in men, like Thatcher. In a documentary on a gangster turned film-maker in Russia, the only person not intimidated by him was his ex-teacher, a female.

Some appreciation is more basic:

"Her pancakes are extremely good. We love her to bits."

While Charlie, 3, just says: "Biscuits!"


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