Friday, March 24, 2006

Near death we live more fully

Martha Lane Fox made a fortune from, then had a very bad car accident (to put it mildly). She's still recovering and is involved in creative projects and with a charity educating girls in Africa. She said:

"I've had a near-death experience. It has highlighted the importance of giving something back."

A British retailing billionaire narrowly survived the recent tsunami - he was diving and it passed over him. He too has reassessed his life and got more involved with charity work.

We all need near-death experiences - regularly.

Cf. "All the men who were in the war, as I was, talk about it as 'the best years of their lives', to use a film title. Horror is not the only thing in war. In war you achieve greatness, you are strong, you are pure, you are simpler. You achieve an amazing detachment. You don't fear death any more. You love danger."

Jean-Pierre Melville. From NFT notes to "Army in the Shadows".


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