Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rich French dad & brats on CPE

A pathetic piece in the Sunday Times (yes, I shouldn't have bought it) on the problems over the CPE in France. Matthew Campbell, who doesn't seem to want to exert himself, basically spoke to one family. The father, Lionel Lambert, is a financial advisor, guess what he thinks of the demonstrations, and, surprise, surprise, his two children agree with him and disagree with the majority of their fellow students: "...Felix Lambert took to the podium [in the Sorbonne] and said he did not agree. The audience erupted in furious booing and whistling." Poor boy (not financially of course). His sister disagrees with the CPE - because she thinks it doesn't go far enough - but then, apart from having Lionel for a father, she's studying economics and management:"What we need in France is a lot more employment flexibility for everybody, not just the young." She obviously sees herself as an employer - we'll see what her views are if she fails to get a job. But then daddy will always bail her out.

The photographer obviously thought we wouldn't gather that the rich brats were students, so he had them hold lots of books ! Unfortunately the books have nothing to do with the subjects they are supposed to be studying; so instead of philosophy books Felix has books on Louis XI and Lyon 1940-44, while Lily the economics student has a book on counter-espionage. So at least the photo is as accurate as the article.

On BBC TV news last night, a journalist from Le Monde, generally in favour of "flexibility" said that even the employers weren't very keen on this new law, as Villepin might have found out if he'd consulted before rushing it through in order to seem to be doing something and be more right-wing than Sarkozy. Now Sarkozy is calling for the suspension of the law and consultation, thus seeming very reasonable (helping repair his reputation after the racaille remark) and wrong-footing Villepin:

"Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin held firm, but cracks opened in his conservative government as pressure for him to withdraw the contested measure reached unprecedented heights, with unions, students and the leftist opposition joined in solidarity, and more violence erupting on the streets of Paris.

Interior Minister and presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy, in a clear break with Villepin, suggested suspending the new type of job contract for youths to allow for negotiations. With the government in crisis, President Jacques Chirac cancelled a trip planned for later in the week to stay in Paris."

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Blogger Jaggae said...

Review CPE First Job Contract Petition

1. Read it.
2. Sign it.
3. Forward to your friends/family/foes, EVERYBODY!

Anonymous Isabelle said...

Thank you so much for expressing this point of view. I've seen so many stupid comments, including from foreigners living in France, I was desperate to find a blogger using his brain and really checking the real facts! France might be sometimes difficult to understand, even for us, but these constant critics about cowardness, fear of change, fear of progress, etc. aren't always very fair.

Blogger sybariter said...

Thanks Isabelle - what a welcome comment :-) I do hope you'll check my blog again and add more comments (especially if they are this flattering). I'm about to move to Paris, so I need all the French friends I can get - do email me,


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