Friday, March 24, 2006

Taking pleasure in small things

I took a portable radio to the till in Dixons and was told it was 29.99. I said that the label on the shelf said 19.99. This had happened to me once before at Dixons and I just paid the higher price. I went with the woman to the shelf. She said it was the wrong model number. I pointed out that there was no space or label for a model at 29.99. She spoke to the manager and he told her, somewhat to her surprise, to let me have it for 19.99. Very satisfying.

Even smaller: I'd lost my bread knife and had tried using a carving knife, resulting in some mangled slices. I bought a new one and its efficiency in cleanly cutting even quite thin slices was quite pleasurable.

Not being a sheep: Twice, seeing a long queue in Smiths, going to the back to the free till and paying and walking out past the sheep still queuing at the front - not that I was in a hurry, but...


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