Tuesday, April 11, 2006

FT contradicts itself about France

Letter to the Financial Times:

Sir, today (11.4) you give figures for French youth unemployment of 22.2% on page 1, 23% on page 6 and 22% in an editorial on page 16. However, in your edition of 18.3, you had a short piece by Simon Briscoe, your Statistics Editor, saying:

"FT research suggests that 7.8 per cent of under-25s are out of work in France. This is only slightly above 7.4 per cent in the UK and 6.5 per cent in Germany.

The discrepancy reflects the fact that France has a much smaller youth labour force than other countries because a greater proportion go on to higher education after the age of 16, delaying their entry to the labour market."


Has your Statistics Editor changed his mind ? If not, why is he being ignored in your paper today ?


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