Monday, August 07, 2006


Sun. 6.8.06 I took some photos along the Seine with my new Lumix .

Later I went to Patricia's (right) soiree again ( ) where Paula Stromberg (centre), Canadian writer, designer, photographer, was giving a talk about the art "pieces" she has done with Caroline Choo, a psychiatrist, specializing in geriatric patients.

The "pieces" included one about Caroline's grandmother and her plans for the elaborate costume she wanted to be buried in, and one based on a young woman who had developed rheumatoid arthritis. This led to some interesting discussion about death, the way the subject tends to be avoided, and the work has had very positive responses - but it seems a pity that tthere's no web site for it.

Later I went with Ariele to the Trois Mailletz (Rue Galande, opposite St. Julien Le Pauvre), which yet again surprised me. A young French guy I've seen there before was playing piano, mainly Chopin etc., but he let another guy play for a while - quite a character, though the guy on the left wasn't too impressed.